Three SUN FASTs Sweep the Podium in the 2020 UNCL Manche-Atlantique Championship!

Following the decisive results of the SPI Ouest-France, the Sun Fast 3300, “Sapristi,” wins the 2020 UNCL Manche-Atlantique Championship, composed of six regattas:  the Drheam Cup, La Rochelle – Royan, Les Sables - La Rochelle, Cap 300 Miles Volvo Pemzec, Nuit de l'Armen, L'Atlantique Le Télégramme and the SPI Ouest-France Destination Morbihan.


Three Sun Fasts Monopolize the Podium


The results of the UNCL Manche-Atlantique Championship for double-handed crews have been announced, and SUN FAST sailboats dominate the podium:


  • 1st:  Sapristi, the Sun Fast 3300 of Alexandre Ozon (Régates de Royan)
  • 2nd:  Festa 2, the Sun Fast 3300 of Jean-François Hamon (YCCA)
  • 3rd:  Georgia Pour le Conservatoire du Littoral, the Sun Fast 3200 of Penny Aubert


    In this very particular year, the level was very high; sailing was not a priority, but a beautiful escape…  

    Alex Ozon



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    Sun Fast, Performance and Technology by Jeanneau


    On the water, Sun Fasts guarantee speed and sensations, without compromising on reliability, ease of use, or safety at sea.   These sailboats will surprise you with their seaworthiness, stability, and robustness.


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    The Sun Fast 3300:  A First Place Well Earned


    A bold race boat, without compromise, designed for success!


    The Sun Fast 3300 has been able to demonstrate, in spite of this very particular and brief season, its high performance and competitive advantage.


    Conceived by the design team of ANDRIEU│VERDIER, and with a hull constructed entirely by infusion moulding, the Sun Fast 3300 benefits from exceptional resistance and rigidity, with a considerably reduced weight.


    With its light, powerful hull, twin rudders, and straight keel, this new Sun Fast is able to combine speed and tracking in all conditions.


    Perfectly adapted for racing single-handed, double-handed, or with a full crew, the Sun Fast 3300 proves highly competitive in inshore and offshore races, alike.






    From the Architects of the Sun Fast 3300                                                      

    After putting ‘Sapristi’ – hull N°1 of the Sun Fast 3300 series – in the water in the spring of 2019, and after the months of production time required by Jeanneau for building such a sophisticated model, sailing from the end of summer and into the fall of 2019 was the right moment to ‘break in’ this spirited horse, notably with regard to the use of ballasts and the choice of a symmetrical or an asymmetrical spinnaker.  

    Then, the brand-new model began its worldwide distribution, with a production rhythm of a boat a week, in Europe, in the United States, in Australia, in Asia, etc... and the results have come in from the world over.  The boat wins and gains recognition everywhere.  The season in France began late, but it confirms this trend:  victory in Lorient, in l’Atlantique Télégramme, victory in La Trinité-sur-mer, in the Spi Ouest-France...




    The Sun Fast 3300, both innovative and benefiting from advances of the 3200 and 3600, is ready for the big offshore races (transatlantic races, the Sydney-Hobart, etc.) to confirm its full potential; and as naval architects, we are ready to listen to all the skippers and sailors, so that their talents can further the progress of this marvellous boat. 


    Daniel ANDRIEU and Guillaume VERDIER


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