[Video] Sun Odyssey 440 – A Sailboat with Copious Storage

Discover the interior of the Sun Odyssey 440 with Catherine Guiader and Mike Coe in an original challenge!


In this video, the duo must stock a week’s worth of provisions for four people aboard the Sun Odyssey 440.  Will they manage to find space for everything?  Watch the video and find out!


View the video of the “Galley Challenge” of the Sun Odyssey 440:


A Unique Chance to Discover the Sun Odyssey 440

The Sun Odyssey 440 is a sailboat with a clever ergonomic design.  Its walkaround sidedecks enable you to move easily between the fore and aft of the boat.  On the interior, you will enjoy an unobstructed view, as storage compartments have been placed down low.

At once seaworthy and inviting, cosy and sporty, the Sun Odyssey 440 is as attractive on the interior as on the exterior.